[新聞] 特斯拉開始為德州的超級工廠招募工程人才

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1.原文連結: https://reurl.cc/Z7kAal 2.原文內容: Around the same time Giga Texas’ construction kicked off 24/7 shifts, Tesla started a hiring ramp for its Gigafactory in Austin. A local news report stated that the EV automaker is already looking for an HR manager for the upcoming Cybertruck factory. Tesla has also recently posted a couple new engineering jobs on its career page, all of which are located in Austin, Texas. The Austin Business Journal published a job position for an experienced HR Manager for Tesla Giga Texas. The description for the job was very colorful and asked for a specific kind of individual for the position. “Check your ego at the door. We don’t allow them on the property,” it said. “We care about people, growth, excellence and results. We tend to lose sleep over them as this is not easy. Bottom line, we are in search of real people that believe in and deliver the impossible every day. You must love and thrive in that fast paced, high energy chaotic environment.” 大約在德克薩斯州Giga的建築開始24/7到班的同時,特斯拉開始在奧斯汀的Gigafactory 招聘員工。一份當地新聞報導稱,這家電動汽車製造商已經在為即將到來的Cyber truck工廠尋找人事經理。特斯拉最近還在其職業頁面上發布了一些新的工程工作,所有 這些工作都位於德克薩斯州的奧斯汀。 《奧斯丁商業雜誌》發布了特斯拉Giga Texas資深人力資源經理的職位。職位描述非常豐 富多彩,並要求該職位有特定的個人。 “在門口檢查你的自我。我們不允許他們進入酒 店。” “我們關心人才,成長,卓越和成就。我們往往難以入睡,因為這並不容易。最重要的是 ,我們正在尋找真正的人,他們每天都相信並交付不可能的事情。您必須在那快節奏,高 能量的混亂環境中愛與繁榮。” The responsibilities of Gigafactory Texas’s HR Manager included: “Making the impossible possible,” and “Love to be challenged, REALLY CHALLENGED!” The tone and diction of the job description spoke volumes about the kind of work environment Tesla will create for Giga Texas employees. Besides an HR Manager, Tesla’s Careers page revealed that the company is looking for engineers to work at its Austin-based Gigafactory as well, particularly a Quality Engineer, Controls Engineer, and Manufacturing Equipment Engineer. Job posts for all three of the engineering positions were posted on November 13. All three of the engineering jobs fall under the “Manufacturing” category, which may be quite telling. Teslarati previously reported that Giga Texas started working three shifts in an effort to accelerate the construction of it production facilities. During Tesla’s “Travis County Colorado River Project Partner Pre-Qualification Presentation,” the EV automaker estimated Giga Texas’s first dry-in would be December 30, 2020. 德克薩斯州Gigafactory的人力資源經理的職責包括:“使不可能成為可能”和“愛被挑 戰,真正受到挑戰!”職位描述的基調和方向說明了特斯拉將為德州吉加(Giga Texas) 員工創造的工作環境。 除了人力資源經理外,特斯拉的職業頁面還顯示,該公司也在尋找工程師在其位於奧斯丁 的Gigafactory工作,尤其是質量工程師,控制工程師和製造設備工程師。 11月13日發布 了所有三個工程職位的職位。 所有這三個工程職位都屬於“製造”類別,這可能是很明顯的。 Teslarati先前曾報導說 ,德克薩斯州的吉加(Giga Texas)開始三班工作,以加快其生產設施的建設。在特斯拉 的“特拉維斯縣科羅拉多河項目合作夥伴資格預審演示”中,這家電動汽車製造商估計, 德州吉加的首次乾磨將在2020年12月30日進行。 If it meets the set date for the dry-in, , Tesla could start Cybertruck trial production sooner than expected, giving the company ample time to iron out all the kinks of the EV pickup truck’s manufacturing process. An HR Manager as well as engineers for quality, manufacturing equipment, and control would probably be needed during the vehicle’s trial production phase. Based on the recent developments in Giga Texas, Tesla does seem to be maintaining its schedule for Cybertruck and Model Y production in Austin. If successful, Giga Texas could play a part in Tesla’s Q3 and Q4 numbers in 2021, most especially its production target for next year. For 2020, Tesla set a guidance of 500,000 vehicles, which the electric car manufacturer seems relatively confident it has a chance of meeting. Tesla hasn’t formally set a production and delivery goal for 2021 yet, but it will definitely exceed its 500,000 guidance of 2020. Recently, Giga Shanghai’s 2021 goals were leaked and revealed Tesla China set a 550,000 guidance for 2021. If Giga Shanghai can produce half a million vehicles alone, Tesla’s production could easily double next year. Giga Texas’ Model Y and Cybertruck production could help Tesla produce 1 millions vehicles in one year, along with the Fremont Factory, Giga Shanghai, and Giga Berlin. 如果到了乾貨的預定日期,特斯拉可能會比預期的更快開始賽博卡車的試生產,這使特斯 拉有足夠的時間來解決電動皮卡車製造過程中的所有問題。在車輛的試生產階段,可能需 要人力資源經理以及質量,製造設備和控制工程師。 根據德州吉加(Giga Texas)的最新發展情況,特斯拉(Tesla)似乎確實維持了在奧斯 汀(Austin)生產Cybertruck和Model Y的時間表。如果成功的話,得克薩斯州的吉 加(Giga Texas)將在2021年的特斯拉第三季度和第四季度數字中發揮作用,尤其是其明 年的生產目標。特斯拉為2020年設定了50萬輛汽車的指導,這家電動汽車製造商似乎相對 有信心實現這一目標。 特斯拉尚未正式設定2021年的生產和交付目標,但它肯定會超過其2020年的50萬輛的目標 。最近,giga上海公司2021年的目標被洩露,並透露特斯拉中國為2021年設定了55萬輛的 目標。特斯拉單是五十萬輛汽車,明年的產量就可以輕鬆翻一番。得克薩斯州Giga的 Model Y和Cybertruck的生產可以幫助特斯拉在一年內與Fremont工廠,上海的Giga和 柏林的Giga一起生產100萬輛汽車。 3.心得/評論: 1.上面是google 翻譯,如果有不通順的地方,還請多包涵。原文裡的dry-in(乾貨),應該指 的是工廠基礎建設完成的時間,這裡的日期預計是2020/12/30。 2.德州工廠預計要生產Cybertruck and Model Y 車型,各加工廠的生產車型型號參考下 圖: https://reurl.cc/x0m9pN 3.延續上圖,這裡提示出可能的第五家超級工廠,據馬路消息,應該會是在北美地區,因為目 前普遍在美洲的超級工廠都位在南方,北美要交付車輛花費的成本太高,就近成立一座工廠 是最佳的解法,而這個北美超級工廠,應該會生產semi卡車與Roadster超級跑車。 4.上海工廠明年(2021)年的生產目標為55W輛,明年全球產量將達到100W輛。 昨天挑戰600元大關,只有短暫站上600沒有站穩,今天看到ARK的信,分別賣出了 11 ARKK 11/30/2020 Sell TSLA 88160R101 TESLA INC 113,264 0.5074 19 ARKQ 11/30/2020 Sell TSLA 88160R101 TESLA INC 14,900 0.8023 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 128,164股 來分享個德州超級工廠建廠縮時,一起儲值一下Tsla的信仰價值吧. .. https://youtu.be/baCL7k0K08I
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