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完整標題:Netherlands to reopen further with coronavirus entry passes 發稿單位:荷蘭政府 發稿時間:2021/9/14 19:08 撰 稿 者:荷蘭政府 原文連結: https://www.government.nl/latest/news/2021/09/14/netherlands-to-reopen-further-with-coronavirus-entry-passes https://bit.ly/3tUflFV As of 25 September, we no longer have to stay 1.5 metres from others. This is a big step forwards. It means restaurants and bars can open to maximum capacity, and all events will again be allowed. Nearly 13 million people in the Netherlands have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine and more than 11 million are fully vaccinated. Hospital and ICU admissions are stable. The majority of people who are admitted to hospital or who test positive for coronavirus are still unvaccinated. Vaccination coverage is high enough that we can lift the rule to stay 1.5 metres from others. But it’s not yet high enough to do this without putting other conditions in place. Only maximum vaccination coverage will allow us to lift all the measures, protect people with chronic health conditions, and ensure everyone has access to healthcare when they need it. In November the government will reassess the measures remaining in place for now. 自9/25起,不再需要保持1.5公尺社交距離,至少1300萬荷蘭人注射了一劑疫苗,至少 1100萬人注射了兩劑疫苗(荷蘭人口1700萬)。醫院與加護病房供應穩定,所以可以逐步 取消。 Coronavirus entry pass is extra safeguard 武漢肺炎證書是額外的保障 The coronavirus entry pass system is being introduced for locations that will get busier when the 1.5 metre distancing rule is lifted. The aim is to keep the risk of transmission as low as possible while enabling people to socialise as safely as possible. The system also plays an important part in allowing most locations to open at maximum capacity – and to stay open. 因為開放後,各地一定會變得更加繁忙,所以這項政策旨在保障人民的生活盡可能的安 全,也盡可能地開放到最大容量,以及更加開放。 As of 25 September, the coronavirus entry pass system will apply to bars and restaurants (but not takeaways), events (such as festivals, concerts and professional sports matches), and cultural venues (such as cinemas and theatres). Whether people have a fixed seat or not, and whether the location is indoors or outdoors, everyone aged 13 and over will have to show a valid coronavirus entry pass to gain admission. Everyone aged 14 and over will also have to show their ID along with their coronavirus entry pass. 自9/25起,武漢肺炎證書必須在餐廳內用、活動(嘉年華、演唱會、運動展演)、文化演藝 活動(電影院、劇院),無論是否間隔坐、室內室外,超過13歲的人必須要出示疫苗證明, 超過14歲的必須同時出示身分證明。 All hospitality establishments must be closed between midnight and 06.00. All events will once again be allowed, but visitors will have to show a coronavirus entry pass. Events held outdoors, or indoors with fixed seating, are not subject to a maximum number of visitors or a compulsory end time, but they must close at midnight. Events held indoors without fixed seating can receive up to 75% of the maximum number of visitors and must be closed between midnight and 06.00. The government is developing support measures for nightclubs and discos and for events that are subject to capacity limitations. The details will be announced as soon as possible. 所有招待場所必須在00:00~06:00關閉,各式活動均開放,但是參訪者須要出示武漢肺炎 證書,活動在室內室外或者有間隔座位,不再限制人數上限(原本是75人)及結束時間, 但一定要在23:59結束。室內活動必須要在00:00~06:00關閉,且容納上限提高至上限的 75%。政府會協助夜店、舞廳相關的限制,細節將盡快公布。 You can get a coronavirus entry pass if you are fully vaccinated, have valid proof of recovery or a negative result from a coronavirus test taken less than 24 hours before entry. For people without proof of vaccination or recovery, getting tested will remain free of charge. 你如果完整注射疫苗,可以獲得通行證,或者你也可以持24小時內的抗原快篩證明。那些 未施打疫苗的人,抗原快篩仍是免費的。 You can generate a coronavirus entry pass using the CoronaCheck app on your mobile phone. Staff at hospitality establishments and organisers of events, sports matches and cultural activities can get the CoronaCheck Scanner app, so that they can easily check the validity of entry passes. 你可以使用CoronaCheck這個APP產生疫苗證明,主辦方也可以下載CoronaCheck Scanner 來檢查疫苗證明。 Basic rules still apply 基本規則仍持續適用 Many measures have been lifted and we have gotten many of our freedoms back. But the virus has not gone away. It’s still important to keep following the basic rules, even if you’re fully vaccinated. Staying 1.5 metres from others is no longer mandatory, but is now an urgent advice. As long as the virus is circulating, giving each other space is common sense, and 1.5 metres is a safe distance that’s proven to help prevent transmission of the virus. Just like the other basic rules: washing hands, coughing and sneezing into your elbow, not shaking hands, staying home and getting tested by the GGD if you have symptoms, and ensuring a good flow of fresh air indoors. 許多措施已被取消,我們恢復了許多自由。 但病毒並沒有消失。 即使您已完全接種疫苗 ,繼續遵守基本規則仍然很重要。 與他人保持 1.5 公尺的距離不再是強制性的, 但現在是一種強烈建議。 只要病毒還在傳播,給彼此空間就是常識,1.5 公尺是一個安全 距離,已被證明有助於防止病毒傳播。 就像其他基本規則一樣:洗手、咳嗽和打噴嚏時用 肘部遮擋、不握手、待在家裡並在出現症狀時接受 GGD 檢測,並確保室內新鮮空氣流通。 The advice to work from home unless that is impossible is being modified. The advice is now: work from home if you can, and go to the office if you must. It ’s up to employers and employees to make satisfactory arrangements on hours worked at home and at the office. 仍建議在家工作,建議如下:盡可能在家工作,除非必須去辦公室。雇主與員工必須互相 協調雙方接受的WFH或去辦公室上班的時間。 Face masks mandatory on public transport and at airports Face masks are still mandatory in airports (in any case the airside area and any other locations designated by airport management, such as arrival and departure halls), on aircraft, trains, buses, trams and metros, in taxis and on other commercial passenger transport. Face masks no longer need to be worn in train stations and at bus, tram and metro stops. 搭乘大眾交通運輸工具時必須戴口罩,但是在站內不用。 Education As of 25 September, the maximum group size of 75 people in secondary vocational and higher education will be abolished. 自9/25起,上限75人的規定在中等學校與高等教育學校不再適用。 Face masks no longer need to be worn outside classrooms and lecture halls at institutions for secondary, secondary vocational and higher education. 在中等教育(含技職)及高等教育,在走廊上不再需要配戴口罩。 If there is an isolated positive case in a daycare group or primary school class, it is no longer mandatory for everyone in the group or class to self-quarantine and get tested. 如果有一個獨立個案在一個日間的群組或是小學班上,同班同學不再需要被隔離或接受 測試。 Third dose and booster shots People with a severe immune system disorder will receive an invitation from their attending doctor to get a third vaccine dose. 有嚴重免疫疾病的人會接受到家醫的邀請施打第三劑。 The vaccines are still very effective in preventing serious COVID-19 and death, so the Health Council of the Netherlands advises against booster shots for the general population at this time. 目前而言,疫苗對於抑制武漢肺炎仍然非常有效,荷蘭衛生委員會不建議追打第三劑。 Travel 旅行 The rules on self-quarantining for people travelling to the Netherlands will change as of 22 September. Vaccinated travellers from the United States, the United Kingdom and other very high-risk areas no longer have to self-quarantine on arrival in the Netherlands. Prepare your journey well. Before you leave, check the travel advice on wijsopreis.nl (in Dutch) and reizentijdenscorona.rijksoverheid.nl/en. 對於那些從超高風險地區或美國英國來的旅客,只要提出完整疫苗接種證明,就不用隔 離(我下面講隔離的規定),如果要旅行建議先查好相關規定。以上及其他入境規定將於 9/22起變更。 The government remains alert 政府仍保持警戒 The above measures will enter into effect on 25 September and will apply until further notice. If the number of hospital and ICU admissions remains low for a longer period of time, the government will lift some of the measures still in place. But the government will remain alert. If there is a sudden spike in the number of people admitted to hospital or the ICU, extra measures may be needed. The government will try to take targeted measures where possible. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the government are staying alert to the emergence of new coronavirus variants. 上開措施將於9/25起生效,如果住院人數跟加護病房人數仍維持低的負荷量,政府將會 移除其他措施。然而政府仍然保持警戒。如果突然爆發大量重症病例,可能會加重防疫 政策,並採取有效的對策。國家衛生與環境研究院(RIVM)與政府對於新的變種病毒持續 保持警戒。 == 我一直以為在走廊上戴口罩在教室不用是因為教室有1.5m,沒有,只有圖書館有間隔座位 。但這幾天法學院表示要取消法學院圖書館間隔座位了,這樣整個法院圖書館可以容納大 概700人。 然後如果你沒戴口罩,櫃台會給你一個很難呼吸的布口罩。也沒有強制規定戴甚麼口罩, 你就算露出鼻子也沒差,我在月台上經常看到有人把口罩拿下來抽煙之類的。大概完整 戴好醫療口罩的不到三分之一。 至於荷蘭的案件數 https://coronadashboard.government.nl/ 荷蘭歐洲本土平均每日有2183件,我所在的地區被分類為第4等級Severe嚴重,平均每天 約有200人確診。 然後4是最嚴重www。 昨日單日因武漢肺炎入院有34件,輕症通常是叫你在家隔離,等到沒症狀叫GGD來快篩 陰性就算康復。 == 荷蘭衛生福利體育部跟荷蘭高等教育機構合作,提供教職員工生每人每兩週4個免費快篩 強烈建議每半週做一次快篩,但我沒做,新生週每天捅鼻孔已經讓我很不爽了。 現在我櫃子裡擺著五個快篩組,等我哪天想玩應該會玩玩看。 根據我對班上的觀察,一直會戴口罩的有幾個國家的人: 台灣(包含我)、中國(含香港)、部分印度以及泰國人。 == 隔離 https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/visiting-the-netherlands-from-abroad/self-quarantine/mandatory-quarantine https://bit.ly/3nGOH2o 根據荷蘭政府的規定,從高風險或超高風險國家入境的要自我隔離10天,從你下飛機起算 ,不能搭大眾運輸交通工具,可以自己騎腳踏車或開車或叫計程車。 第五天可以「去」GGD做抗原快篩,如果是陰性就結束隔離。 更多細節懶得講,反正沒人在管。 我甚至不知道我班上同學有沒有乖乖待完10天。 -- __ψcito ╱_╲=╦= _/\/ \/-┼- ⊙⊙||. _/\\_/\\_/╚=╩=╝ ¯▽ ̄▽ -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (荷蘭) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/nCoV2019/M.1631834079.A.5D5.html ※ 編輯: swattw ( 荷蘭), 09/17/2021 07:21:19
1Faracian: 開始了 09/17 07:44
2FTureCooler: 感謝提供資訊 09/17 07:55
3FMgthok68: 感謝分享~~看來口罩在那邊沒有強制,在 09/17 08:04
4FMgthok68: 站內可以不戴@@下飛機隔離沒強制@@ 09/17 08:04
5Fkwinner: 祖國 09/17 08:20
6Fmithralin: 所以這個entry pass是像健康碼一樣的 09/17 08:24
7Fmithralin: 東西嗎 09/17 08:24
8Fswattw: 他是一個QRcode,掃的人只會顯示有效無效 09/17 08:25
9Fswattw: 而已。 09/17 08:25
10Fnew001: 沒事,我們繼續檢討台北的健康通行證 09/17 08:27
11Fminamino: 台北的健康通行證根本亂搞 09/17 09:01
12Fminamino: 台灣的疫苗接種率還沒7成 09/17 09:02
13Fminamino: 根本不可能開放 09/17 09:02
14Fhwider: 感謝分享 09/17 09:11
15FAtDe: 台灣因為民情不可行,希望日本抄一抄侯開放 09/17 09:28
16FAtDe: 觀光籤比較可能 09/17 09:28
17Fvaude: 先進大國防疫配套真的比台灣好太多 09/17 09:43
18Ftest23786: 有些配套你在台灣風氣用直接被罵翻好 09/17 10:04
19Ftest23786: 嗎www 尤其部分公共環境不用帶口罩 09/17 10:04
20FJimParsons: 台灣風氣?? 09/17 10:06
21Ftest23786: 車站內和學校走廊不用口罩你覺的在放 09/17 10:08
22Ftest23786: 在台灣實行是不是好決定? 這個在台灣 09/17 10:08
23Ftest23786: 風氣環境下應該不會有人認為是好政策 09/17 10:08
24Ftest23786: 吧 更不用說這個不是0確診狀況下允許 09/17 10:08
25Ftest23786: 的 09/17 10:08
26FJimParsons: 一直想0確診當然不好,不過車站內不 09/17 10:12
27FJimParsons: 戴口罩他們也建議要有1.5公尺,這不就 09/17 10:12
28FJimParsons: 是之前2級的狀況 09/17 10:13
29Ftyrone0923: 在台灣實行是不是好決定,要等台灣疫 09/17 10:21
30Ftyrone0923: 苗打到七成再看,其他都白說 09/17 10:21
31FJimParsons: 是啊,等著看中央時空背景不同後,說 09/17 10:24
32FJimParsons: 隱私的怎麼轉彎 09/17 10:24
33Fayann718: 這樣的開放方式在台灣怎麼可能!而且這210.242.250.109 09/17 10:30
34Fayann718: 確診數這麼高210.242.250.109 09/17 10:30
35Ftyrone0923: 台灣打七成後怎麼會不可能,怎可能 09/17 10:32
36Ftyrone0923: 現在這樣過一輩子 09/17 10:32
37FJimParsons: 當然不可能,上面幾篇不就在示範打2 09/17 10:35
38FJimParsons: 劑突破感染,70%一劑不行啦 09/17 10:35
39Fasyousaid: 台灣的風氣就是喜歡被政府管,不追求 09/17 10:42
40Fasyousaid: 個人自由 09/17 10:42
41Ftest23786: 在會突破感染情況下,至少我個人覺得 09/17 10:42
42Ftest23786: 還是要帶就是。 在疫情穩定前用疫苗作 09/17 10:42
43Ftest23786: 為帶不帶口罩前提很詭異 09/17 10:42
44Fasyousaid: 然後無法容忍確診,所以才會有疫苗先 09/17 10:43
45Fasyousaid: 打青少年「防止傳播」這樣可笑的疫苗政 09/17 10:43
46Fasyousaid: 策。 09/17 10:43
47FJimParsons: 每天2、3個還不穩定,那不就是要追求0 09/17 10:44
48FJimParsons: ,不然你的穩定是什麼 09/17 10:44
49Fasyousaid: 荷蘭確診數雖仍不少,但都是極輕症, 09/17 10:44
50Fasyousaid: 醫療量能充足。 09/17 10:44
51Ftest23786: 至少要有關聯性吧? 目前還是有不明的 09/17 10:51
52Fwin8719: 哪時後新的決定不是時空背景不同改變的 09/17 11:16
53Fwin8719: 還是有人覺得一個決定都永久不改變.. 09/17 11:16
54FJimParsons: 所以新時空背景就沒有隱私問題了,讚 09/17 11:20
55Fwin8719: 時空背景也會影隱私問題阿 09/17 11:22
56Fwin8719: 現在哪一國的政策不是時空背景不同後來 09/17 11:22
57Fwin8719: 搞出隱私問題 09/17 11:22
58Fwin8719: 你如何時空背景問題不同就不會隱私問題? 09/17 11:23
59Fclifflee: 現在講醫療量能充足 過幾周再來瞧瞧吧 09/17 11:25
60FJimParsons: 護的亂七八糟的,去看一下上一篇台北 09/17 11:25
61FJimParsons: 市看噴的內容有幾個會因為時空背景不 09/17 11:25
62FJimParsons: 同就不一樣的好嗎,時空背景這麼萬用 09/17 11:25
63FJimParsons: 還真好 09/17 11:25
64Fwin8719: 哪後還有在不同的狀況下策略不同不是已知 09/17 11:25
65Fwin8719: 事情嗎 09/17 11:25
66Fclifflee: 9/25起基本上算完全解禁 11月來看差不多 09/17 11:26
67Fwin8719: 上一篇台北本來就不適合阿~ 09/17 11:26
68Fwin8719: 你舉台北幹嗎 09/17 11:26
69Fwin8719: 不管是疫苗施打狀況~還有民情~還有現在狀 09/17 11:27
70Fwin8719: 況~你認為適合? 09/17 11:27
71FJimParsons: 所以民情和隱私到底有什麼關係啊? 09/17 11:28
72Fwin8719: 他做哪個策略兩個都有關係阿 09/17 11:29
73FJimParsons: 上篇台北不是一堆噴隱私?難道只有我 09/17 11:29
74FJimParsons: 看到? 09/17 11:29
75Fwin8719: 他也有牽扯到隱私問題阿 09/17 11:29
76Fwin8719: 還是你認為民情就不會隱私問題? 09/17 11:29
77Fwin8719: 隱私就不會有民情問題? 09/17 11:30
78FJimParsons: 原來過一段時間後,不想讓人知道有沒 09/17 11:30
79FJimParsons: 有打疫苗變不是隱私了,真好 09/17 11:30
80Fwin8719: 你的選項都是兩擇一嗎只能選一個? 09/17 11:30
81FJimParsons: 所以民情認為要公布就不是隱私了XDD 09/17 11:30
82FJimParsons: ,厲害了 09/17 11:30
83Fwin8719: 本來就是阿~有沒有打過疫苗本來就是個人 09/17 11:30
84Fwin8719: 隱私問題阿 09/17 11:31
85Fwin8719: 民情認為公布~也有隱私問題阿 09/17 11:31
86FJimParsons: 所以你在擇一什麼,勿跳針 09/17 11:31
87Fwin8719: 誰告訴你民情認為公布就沒有隱私問題XDDD 09/17 11:31
88Fwin8719: 你的選項怎都兩擇一啦 09/17 11:31
89Fwin8719: 民情說要公布就沒隱私問題你哪裡導出來的 09/17 11:31
90Fwin8719: XDDDD 09/17 11:31
91FJimParsons: 你自己回頭看自己說的好嗎 09/17 11:32
92Fwin8719: 是你一直跳針好嗎誰告訴你民情公布就沒有 09/17 11:32
93Fwin8719: 隱私問題 09/17 11:32
94Fwin8719: 你自己才回頭看好嗎 09/17 11:32
95FJimParsons: 所以你認為還是有隱私問題,那不就跟 09/17 11:34
96FJimParsons: 我說等著看時空背景不同如何轉彎一樣 09/17 11:34
97FJimParsons: ?那你在吵哪點? 09/17 11:34
98Fwin8719: 還是有隱私問題阿 09/17 11:34
99Fwin8719: 到底跟時空背景哪裡不同阿XDDD 09/17 11:34
100Fwin8719: 每個國家狀況跟時空背景還有策略就相關阿 09/17 11:35
101Fwin8719: 所以你到底要轉彎啥? 09/17 11:35
102FJimParsons: 我一開始就說時空背景看隱私轉彎,結 09/17 11:35
103FJimParsons: 果你跳出來說哪個決定沒時空背景問題 09/17 11:35
104FJimParsons: ,那不就亂護 09/17 11:35
105Fwin8719: 本來決定就沒有時空背景問題阿 09/17 11:36
106FJimParsons: 我有說時空背景不同不能改決定? 09/17 11:36
107Fwin8719: 是看狀況當下來做決定阿 09/17 11:36
108Fwin8719: 你到底要轉彎啥阿XDDD 09/17 11:36
109Fwin8719: 說到隱私電子圍籬這件事還不是在吵隱私 09/17 11:36
110Fwin8719: XDDDD 09/17 11:36
111FJimParsons: 是你才轉彎吧,加油 09/17 11:36
112Fwin8719: 我轉彎啥來說說看阿 09/17 11:37
113Fwin8719: 我一直都說會有隱私問題阿喔~我轉彎啥 09/17 11:37
114Fwin8719: XDDDD 09/17 11:37
115Fwin8719: 你要加油點阿XDD 09/17 11:38
116Fpopopal: 不打疫苗有免費快篩 不錯喔 09/17 12:03
117FJimParsons: 看當下決定不就是時空背景XDD 真妙 09/17 12:06
118Fwin8719: 誰說不是時空背景阿XDDD 09/17 12:15
119Fwin8719: 本來就會有時空背景不同改策略阿XDDD 09/17 12:15
120Fwin8719: 你的回答真妙XDD直接回不是時空背景真妙 09/17 12:15
121Fwenjie0810: 他們才剛發布,會不會被抗議到又縮回 09/17 13:39
122Fwenjie0810: 去還不知道 09/17 13:39
123FWAVNT: 對這些疫苗夠的國家,確診數應該不是重點了118.169.228.160 09/17 14:35
124FWAVNT: 朝向解除限制,降低重症、死亡跟醫療負擔118.169.228.160 09/17 14:36
125Faba: 再觀察一個月吧 慢慢等 09/17 15:22
126Fafterword: 感謝分享 09/17 20:11
127FJimParsons: https://i.imgur.com/DIT5jyo.jpg 09/17 22:51
128FJimParsons: 我看了什麼XDD 09/17 22:52
129FJimParsons: https://i.imgur.com/TGuwI4p.jpg 09/17 22:53
130FJimParsons: 到底是還不是啦,笑翻XDD 09/17 22:53