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[花邊] 關於「Naz Reid」的刺青

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[花邊] 關於「Naz Reid」的刺青
https://www.instagram.com/p/C69GISlRnVW/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Tattoo artist JC Stroebel was fired up when he posted the special offer on social media -- one that Minnesota Timberwolves fans couldn't turn down, especially those of Wolves center Naz Reid. After Minnesota defeated the Denver Nuggets in Game 2 in the Western Conference semifinals to secure an early 2-0 lead, Stroebel posted on X that he'd tattoo Reid's name on anyone for $20. He has taken on the initiative with his partner Jesse George at Beloved Studios in Roseville, Minn. 明尼蘇達當地的刺青師JC Stroebel,在灰狼2-0領先金塊時在推特上發起了一個活動: 「$20就幫你刺Naz Reid的名字在身上。」 "I sent out the tweet thinking if I just find one person to tattoo Naz Reid on , I think it could be cool," Stroebel told ESPN. "And locally it would be really funny if I found somebody to tattoo it on, and I made the mistake of underestimating the fan base, which is hard to do in Minnesota because they're always showing up. But I was shocked to see how many people engaged with it and wanted it. ... I think this is so much bigger than winning." 「我發推的時候本來只想說會有一兩個人願意做這種事,我覺得應該會很有趣又很酷。但 我低估了人們的熱情,不斷有人出現且越來越多人對這件事有興趣」 Stroebel saw the Timberwolves' playoff dominance as an opportunity to celebrate the franchise with life-long artwork. "Timberwolves fans haven't had a ton of postseason wins or things to celebrate in the postseason, and so this just turned into an opportunity to celebrate that and to do something special for the Wolves fans because we're so thankful to be a part of it and wanted to give back and engage with the community," Stroebel said. 「狼粉其實也沒在季後賽贏過幾次,我們根本沒什麼機會慶祝,所以人們透過這樣的活動 來表達他們對於這次有機會能參與其中的感謝,以及對整個社群的參與感。」 The members of the "Naz Reid operation" have had a general question presented upon them: Why Naz Reid and not Anthony Edwards? "I just think Naz Reid is someone that represents the fan base. I mean, I've said it countless times now, but he's just the underdog story and I think Minnesota fans really resonate with the underdog story," George told ESPN. 為什麼不是AE而是Naz Reid?「我覺得Naz Reid更能代表我們這些粉絲,他就是個被低估 的underdog,而我覺得灰狼粉絲們對於他的故事更有共鳴。」 Reid, who was the No. 12 ranked player in the class of 2018 and a McDonald's All American, spent one season with the LSU Tigers, averaging 13.6 points and 7.2 rebounds per game. After going undrafted in the 2019 NBA draft, he signed a two-way contract with Minnesota and earned a multiyear deal after a strong showing during NBA summer league. Reid averaged 13.5 points, 5.2 rebounds and 1.3 assists for the Timberwolves in the 2023-24 regular season, winning the Sixth Man of the Year award. The Timberwolves sold towels with the 6-foot-9 center's name on them, a testimony to how Minnesota embraces him. At Beloved Studios, tattoos average about $200 an hour, but the cost is significantly less for Reid artwork. Stroebel and George charge clients twenty bucks for the ink and allow them to choose the placement. "We have people who are 18 years old all the way up to 82 years old and everything in between -- men, women, it doesn't matter. It's just people who have been fans of the Wolves their entire lives. People who have become fans of the Wolves in the last couple of years," George said. 一般在他們工作室的刺青,一小時的作品平均要花上200美金,但只要20美金,JC就讓你挑 選要把Naz Reid的名字刺在哪裡。 「來參加的人從18歲到82歲都有,有男有女,不管是一輩子的老粉絲,或者最近加入的新 粉絲。」 The artistic duo views the Reid tattoo era as a way to help familiarize themselves with their clients and Timberwolves fans. "When you throw something out there like a $20 tattoo, you never really know who's going to end up in your seat, and it's just been amazing that every single person that's been in our seat has been an awesome conversation and great person. It's been a testament to Wolves fans and people from Minnesota," George said. Stroebel's and George's tattoos have caught the eyes of many, including Ryan Tanke, chief operating officer of the Timberwolves, who texted the duo with an invitation to Game 4 that included courtside seats, food and drinks, according to Stroebel. The two were also featured on the big screen at the Target Center, which showed photos of them tattooing, and were labeled "Naz Reid Tattoo Guys." https://i.imgur.com/EbCY1uW.png
[花邊] 關於「Naz Reid」的刺青
這個刺青活動也吸引到了灰狼首席營運長Ryan Tanke,他招待了這兩人Game 4的場邊席位, 當天他們也登上主場的大螢幕,被稱作「Naz Reid紋身男」 "It was very surreal and amazing to be in that moment with all the other Wolves fans because this is a combination of not just us, this wouldn't be a thing if people weren't coming to our door, and so I think this a win for every Wolves fans and a testament to our amazing community," Stroebel said. "It's crazy, I love it. Keep it going," Reid told reporters. Stroebel and George told ESPN they plan to fulfill Reid's wish of continuing to tattoo his name on Minnesota fans as long as the Timberwolves remain in the playoffs. They also plan to grow their catalog with new Reid tattoo designs and larger Timberwolves designs. They see the tattoo expanding to Timberwolves flash events with other local businesses in the Minneapolis area. Reid本人也說「這太瘋狂了,我愛死了,請繼續下去。」而Stroebel and George也承諾, 只要灰狼還在季後賽,這個活動就會繼續下去。 "We've always joked about being the official tattoo artists of the Timberwolves and it was always a joke that we thought would be years and years out but I think we're right now kind of at the entrance of that possibility at least within the fan base," Stroebel said. ---- 心得: 幾天前的舊聞,今天早上聽球的時候聽到高景炎分享覺得滿有趣的故事。 台幣600塊換一個類似Times New Roman字體的名字刺青,真的是有點莫名其妙XD 但目前已經有100多人參加,還有數百人在排隊,奶子綠本人都說,說不定我也會去刺一個 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/NBA/M.1716475665.A.ACE.html

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Two words Naz Reid!

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Naz Is Like

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台灣也來發一個吧 刺「林力仁」

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還是我們刺 D-Live

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笑死 被交易就好笑了

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其實Naz Reid在這兩年灰狼換了一個新的主播之後就

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暴龍迷 要不要也刺個 Gradey Dick

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Two Words Naz Reid不僅在明洲有一堆塗鴉跟海報外

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前陣子灰狼也有在某場球賽每人送一條Naz Reid的藍色

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好好翻譯不錯 不要再雙標搞的板上烏煙瘴氣了
難得用電腦開一次,原來你這小丑還在阿? 你繼續阿

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[花邊] 關於「Naz Reid」的刺青

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那條毛巾前幾天隊網有補貨好像35鎂吧 秒殺 然後ebay

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$20,能換字型嗎? XDDD

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更何況他的人氣真的交易狼迷會暴動的好嗎 推文前可

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狼迷沒人不愛naz 低調認份球風帥又是自家落選掏寶

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我犢刺個 可 吧

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名字特別也很加分 當口號無違和

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我都叫他 娜姿

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刺AE人家還猜你是姓Anthony還是Edwards 刺Naz Reid

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每次看國外他們對Reid的稱號就是”NAZ REID”

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還以為多正義凜然 怎麼被抓到雙標的黑歷史就開始人

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肯定翻譯的辛勞 提醒一下惱羞成這樣 真4不演了

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Naz Reid還有一個常見的綽號是Big Jelly

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Naz Reid 以前好胖 瘦下來真的帥很多

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小獨應該要刺 不急

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左手奶子 右手綠

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Naz “Naz Reid” Reid

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不說還不知道他是洛選秀耶 這麼好用

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