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看板 diablo
作者 cosmio
時間 2022年09月24日
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國外論壇和Youtuber蠻多都在討論的, 主要是官方論壇Patch 2.5的release note底下, https://reurl.cc/KQzb1M 放了一張神秘的圖片: https://i.imgur.com/3zO7D7S.jpg
透過Vigenere Cipher這個網站把 jseuepkgfwzye lxfklgliriefave youiujqwue 這段文字加上Key:RESURRECTED去decrypt會得到: https://i.imgur.com/4CqPMQe.png
somanygemswha tdotheseorangen umbersmean 重新整理斷句變成 So many gems, what do these orange numbers mean? 後續有人這邊發現這邊的gems就是所謂chat gem, D2R大廳的寶石啟用, 不斷地連點之後會出現神秘的橘色數字 (建議在option/gameplay把chat gem mode改成manual) https://i.imgur.com/AYsxtRV.png
把數字解析成Order(3)/Page(2)/Line(2)/Word(2)對應D2 online manual 就可以獲得一個單字, 此範例為 Order: 570 Page: 40 Line: 10 Word: 10 對應詞彙: death https://i.imgur.com/Pgq3CL8.png
於是強大的網路社群力量開始蒐集大量的橘色數字, 產生出這個Google表單 https://reurl.cc/bEb2K3 解密出以下這段文字故事: The Stones Have Spoken To Me Again. Showing Visions That Only I Can So Easily See. How Can The Others Be So Ignorant To Their ... Cast Me Aside Will They. I Shall Not Waste My Breath On The Savages. The Crystals Of The Earth Have Predicted Before. I Know These Visions Tell Us Secrets. Vision Of The Towering Heart The Great One Of All. Shattered Into Seven Dark And Five Light. The Remnants Of The Stones Laying The Foundation For All This Destruction. Sets In Action The Endless And Impossible. .. Of Restoring What Was Broken To Perfect Form. Once To The ... One Of The Shattered Pieces. Neither Light Or Shadow Cut With The Ability To Create. While It Is Closely Protected No Prison Is Eternal And Soon Is Released By The Burning Red Gem And High White Gem. The Ability Used To Create A Hidden And Secret Realm. War Explodes And The Seven Turn On Each Other. The Three Perfect, Corrupted By The Four Flawless. A False Break To Gain Access To The Stones Of The Soul. One Perfect Shattered Gem. One Perfect Corrupts From Within. One Perfect Hidden Deep. Vision Of The Eternal Terror Unleashed Into A Child And Held Deep Within The Earth. File By Its Would Be Attackers. Setting The Gem Within The New Host. It Drives East. East To Be Released By The Other Two Dark Stones. Vision Of Grizzled Eyes A Former Foe Of One Of The Three. Cast To The Nothing. Returns To Be Imprisoned Once More. Vision Of Mad Ancient Lies A Shadow Keeps Moving. The Shadow Of A Past Light. Carrying Within It The Spark. .. Evil Brothers Together. The Dark Gem Cut Anew. Only To Return To World Between Realms. Two Dark Stones Of Soul Shattered. One Fled To Be Joined To The Eye. The Last Perfect Exiled. The Eye Corrupted Beyond Repair. To Be Destroyed By One Of The Five Light. Reduced To Shards. Vision Of Life Shards Thrown To The Far Reaches. Pieces That Still Holds Echoes Of Their Former Power. Sought By Those Who Seek To Claim Or Destroy. Vision Of Swarms Seek From The Five. One Light Gem Begins Its Path A New. An Ancient Black Gem Is Discovered. A Prison Crafted Larger Than Its Kin. Its Thirst .. Souls Strong Enough To Gather Five Of The Dark Before They Could Return Home. The Six Gem Shown Freely. Its Fate To Join Its Brothers And Sisters. The Seven Stands At The Base Of The Eyes End. Its Armies Defeated. Follows At Last. Filled The Prison With Nothing But Darkness. The Prison Filled Is Given New Life In The Spawned Of The Stronger Brother. Seven Become One Primal. In Its .. Sets Out To Shatter The Throne Of The Light. Breaking The Perfection Of One Of The Four Remaining Light And Containing Two To Victory. So Close Only To Fail And Remain Imprisoned. Once To A Broken Light Stands In .. Place Of His Lost Brother. A Brother Who Has Taken A New Visage. Vision Of The Eternal End A Dark Prison Corrupts Its Resting Place. Stolen Away By The Broken Light. A Lost Brother Returns Under A New Name To Claim It. Leaving But A Shard. A Dark Gem Twisted To A New Purpose Takes Strength From Many To Power A New Master. Only To Be Shattered By The One It Serves. The Death Of A Former Light. Those Imprisoned Set Free. Vision Of The Individual A False Gem Attempts To Capture A Prime. Fails And Falls To A Lesser Host. Vision Of The Night The Perfect Return At Last To Finally Claim Their Rightful Throne Among Brothers Vision Of Greatness A Lost Flawed Gem Returned At Last. .. Fallen Light Returned To Its Former Glory. A Thief Left Alone To Plan. Eternal The Seven And The Five Gripped From Their Homes. Cursed To Reside In A Kingdom .. Hidden. A Lost Brother. A Fallen Guide. Places Traded. Forever Cursed. 總之是一個蠻神秘的彩蛋, 有人推測也許是類似uber diablo / 三王之類的新任務 (圖片上有戒指可能是指soj、鑰匙對比到三王鑰匙), 也有人篤定認為是act 6, (右邊五個反過來的硬幣對應到act 1~5 已經被破關, 左邊書上的硬幣對應到act 6) 最終也可能只是暴雪單純的惡作劇, 讓我們繼續看下去... -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/DIABLO/M.1663980699.A.49A.html ※ 編輯: cosmio ( 臺灣), 09/24/2022 08:53:22
1Fefun77000: 每個字幾乎都大寫,是系統本來就會這樣嗎? 09/24 09:01
2Fefun77000: 硬幣有7個,所以應該是多1隻王,然後更新後地圖有變 09/24 09:04
3Fcosmio: 字體大寫是表單自動產生, 原文看起來有些不是~ 09/24 09:08
4Fefun77000: (很久之前變的)三王地圖右下那邊多條路但是封住了 09/24 09:08
5Fcosmio: 像order 002的Stones應為stones 09/24 09:08
6Fcosmio: https://i.imgur.com/UYffGJk.png 09/24 09:09
※ 編輯: cosmio ( 臺灣), 09/24/2022 09:14:18
7Fefun77000: 基本上我猜幫D4鋪路啦,送隻莉莉絲再打一次,不然D2還 09/24 09:11
8Fefun77000: 沒黑靈魂石,沒辦法打七原罪合一 09/24 09:12
9Fefun77000: 不過我最好奇的是旁邊怎麼有算盤,現在都跪鍵盤了 09/24 09:14
10Frn22244: Cool 09/24 09:17
11Fwstd: 有趣 09/24 09:25
更新一下最後的解密故事 ※ 編輯: cosmio ( 臺灣), 09/24/2022 10:31:02
12Feudamonia4u: 是說D2R大廳的寶石是幹嘛用的? 09/24 10:57
13Fkenyon: 圖中金幣似乎有九個?戒指內圈刻著 required level 09/24 10:59
14Fkenyon: 29 很大機會是文中推測的soj 沒錯 09/24 10:59
15Fcosmio: 大廳寶石是沿用D2的, 有機會可以按出完美的寶石啟用 09/24 11:28
16Fgt1008: 更新還藏彩蛋這遊戲也太難以捉摸 09/24 14:44
17Fdanhunter: 如果這是真的,很有以前暴雪的味道 09/24 14:51
18Fyinson: 這能解密出來感覺蠻強大的XDD 感覺是幫D4鋪路+1 09/24 15:31
19Fsilveriii: 如果只是lore會滿失望的 希望是真的end game conten 09/24 15:31
20Fyinson: 不過如果是D2R的新內容(新任務新王甚至A6)也歡迎XDD 09/24 15:32
21Fkirimaru73: 不一定要A6 老老實實把A4做完就夠了 09/24 18:29
22Fkirimaru73: 很適合再塞一個永久提升能力的任務 09/24 18:29
23Fchink5566: 新章節可能性0 09/25 01:54
24Fholybless: 巴爾天使化 頭上多一個光圈 09/25 13:23
25FLiouKen: 拜託出D2R的資料片吧! 09/25 14:39


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